What is affiliates marketing?

Make Money While You Sleep?

Have you ever hear this phrase? “Make money while you sleep”.  Is this even possible? Let me tell you with a resounding YES! That this is indeed possible!  But how?

With Affiliate Marketing you affiliate yourself with a company that will pay you a commission to bring people to their website and make a purchase!  It really is that simple. You send buyers to their website and if they buy you get paid!  And there are programs that have a rev share model (my personal favorite!).  What this means is if the person signs up under your affiliate link and they purchase something, you will get paid.  The very exciting part is, since it’s an rev share model, EVERYTIME THEY MAKE A PURCHASE YOU GET PAID, for the life of that customer!

There are other models you will see, like PPC SOI or DOI. These can range anywhere from a few cents to a few hundred dollars per sign up.  But you only get paid ONCE for these once they fulfill the programs requirements.

How do I join these affiliate programs?

  • It’s very simple!  I will give you a list of these programs that you can join today!

My personal favorite and this is where I earn most of my commissions! I have nothing but good things to day about CrakRevenue!


Read more about them in my blog post HERE


These are the other adult affiliate programs I promote that also give me a healthy commission!


I will ebe writting about these programs soon.  But in the meantime, click on these names and sign up! They are ALL FREE to sign up. 




How do you promote these affiliate programs?

There are many ways to promote these programs but you must read the programs requirements so that you don’t violate their TOS.   But here are some ways you can promote these programs.

  • Social Media
  • Paid ads
  • Link sharing
  •  Blogs or Website

Socials Media

Some social media has low tolerance for affiliate marketing especially the adult kind so proceed with caution.

I love twitter! This is probably the best platform for affiliate marketing!  They accept all kinds of adult topics and this is pretty much the wild wild west! You can post adult videos and adult related topics!

Like twitter, tumblr accepts adult topics but they do not tolerate adult videos.  They will ban your account!  

Don’t bother, market at your own risk.

If you know how to do it right and NOT post nudes and keep it sexy and don’t push limits, you can get lots of traffic from this!

Paid Advertisements

Some of my favorite ways to advertise are paid ads.  But I will be truthful that I would rather do free advertisements on social media.  But when I do pay I will use the following:

Popcash– They are a popup popunder advertisement company.

Popads– They also another good popup popunder advertising company.

JuicyAds– They sell ads spots for adult advertising. They also sell popups and popunder traffic.

Exoticads– Another seller of ads space.  No popup traffic on this one.

Link sharing

Link sharing happens when you own a website or blog and you trade posting each others affiliate links or links to your blog with other bloggers or website owners.  This could really help you kickstart you affiliate market strategy.  This is a little but more for advanced affiliates that have an established website or blog.

Blogs or Webstite

I recommend you skip the free blogs or free websites for the simple fact that if they don’t like your content, they can shut you down.  Same thing goes for social media.  The best thing to do is in conjuction with you social media promotion of affiliate links, that you build a WordPress Website and pay for hosting.  Once you pay for hosting, the website belongs to you!

This website runs on WordPress and Hosting is through SiteGround! They offer both hosting and domain names!  Click HERE for more information on hosting!


I hope this is just enough to get you thinking about getting your feet wet with affiliate marketing.  You can even run some affiliate campaigns right on your smart phone!  It just takes some practice and motivation and action!  The best time to grow a tree was 20 years ago, the best next time to grow a tree is NOW!


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