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Today I will focus on the MyFreeCams affiliates program.  I must say that this is THE cam site to rule them all.  TONS of beautiful women, no men, no transgender and NO couples.  This is a play ground for the straight man and the occasional lesbian!

Years ago I ran into my first cam site which was MyFreeCams!  I never knew these cams existed until I discovered this Australian model on twitter.  She had posted her cam link and naturally I followed it.  While watching this HOT woman perform online, I noticed that users were giving her tokens.  This was my AHA! moment.  I though to myself, “there must be a way for me to cash in on this!”   I could not believe that these women were making bank offering nude shows online for money!  They were living lavish lifestyles and these people on the other side of the computer were funding this!  I decided to do a google search and what I came up with was FOREVER LIFE CHANGING!

During my google search for the affiliate program I discovered this company:

CrakRevenue is the company the handles the MyFreeCams affiliate program.  I discovered that by placing a tiny affiliate link either via twitter, tumblr, or any other way I can send my link out, that whomever clicks on it and makes a purchase, I take a 20% cut right off the top for the life of that customer!

You sign up for CrakRevenue, you go the the MyFreeCams RevShare Program, you copy your special affiliate link, you send promos on the internet and you wait for someone to make a purchase and YOU GET PAID!

Allow me to show you an example of what you could be making:

This is what their “Purchase Tokens” page looks like.  Lets apply the math shall we?

Purchase Price – 20% = Your Cut


(Purchase Price) 19.99 = 3.99 (20 %)

(Purchase Price) 49.99 =  9.99(20 %)

(Purchase Price) 79.99 = 15.99(20 %)


And this is if they only purchase one token package.  But if you get a big spender that purchases multiple token packages, imagine the possibilities?


Let’s pretend you have one big spender that purchases 3 token packages of 79.99.


79.99 * 3 =  239.97

20% of 239.97 = 47.99


You would make 47.99 from one customer! 

Remember we are aiming to get multiple customers.  You could MAKE MORE!


Just think about the things you could do with a little bit of extra money in your pocket from your side gig? It feels so good to get this money deposited directly into my bank account! 


This image below is just a partial month. Even though it doesn’t look like much, this is money I would not have anyway.  This is extra money I can use for anything I want.  This money came to me after I already put effort into my promotions from REPEAT customers.  As you can see, this keeps giving you money while allowing you to do other things with your time!  It’s a WIN WIN!

Ready to make a change in your financial future?  Click the button to sign up!  It’s totally FREE to sign up!

Once you sign up and log in, your going to click on offers and search for “MyFreeCams”   Click on the “MyFreeCams” program.

Once inside the program,  you will get your affiliate link!  And now you are ready to promote!  



There are many ways you can promote your offers.  You can do it through many adult friendly social media outlets or you can sign up for many paid adversitement companies.

To see more about where to send your links, visit this blog post HERE.  In this blog post I explain what affiliate marketing is and how and where you can promote your links!


Remember as with anything else. You could make very little or you could make more, or you could make nothing at all.  But remember you will make based on how much effort you put it.

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