Masking Affiliate Links

Affiliate links.  You can’t live without them, and without them you cannot earn any money.

Today I will show you the importance of creating clean affiliate links.  I will tell you why it’s so important to have clean links and how important it is to building your brand.

Here is the truth about affiliate links.  THEY ARE UGLY!  With the potential of earning us a living they sure are the ugly step child of any affiliate marketer.

Here is an example of what I mean.


Say you sign up for the MyFreeCams affiliate program.  You get your affiliate link and now it’s time to post you links either on twitter or just about any other place you can see your link. The following is what the affiliate link looks like:


But you can get that same link to look clean! Here is an example:


You have to ask yourself, which link would you most likely choose to click on?  Most likely you would choose the clean link.  We tend to think big messy links like the first might be a virus or some malicious link.

Here is another example.  Say you wanted to direct the users of a promoted cam girls link. Without cleaning it up you would be posting a link that looks like this:,2778,2777,2776,2775


But one simple purchase of a domain will make that messy link look clean like this:


Both links take you to the same website but one is clean and the other one is messy. 

 What is the reason for clean links?

You want clean links so that your users remember you.  Most people would not only click on, they will remember the name next time they want to see a cam girl.  You are also building a brand.  Do you Think people would visit and remember the name PornHub is the name looked like this:  Ask yourself this.  Would YOU remember this?
So a user goes to to see cam girl “StackedNSlim” . The next day he doesn’t remember link to the cam girl he saw but what he will remember is!  But if you use a messy affiliate link, once they click through and then leave, they will leave forever because who can remember a messy affiliate link?

What are the methods to create clean links?

A method I see being used a lot is  I used to use this service.  But you run the risk of them deleting your links if they feel it’s inappropriate or if it violates their terms of service.  Also it defeats the purpose of this article in keeping clean and memorable links.  And if by chance they cancel your links, you will have lost all your work, tweets and where ever you posted your link.  Those links will be dead.

The best solution is to host your own WordPress blog.  Add plugin called PrettyLinks.  The free version allows you to add one redirect per link.  If you like it and you pay the license, you can do all kinds of neat things with your links.  You can do A/B testing.  You can add multiple redirects to a single link.  This is useful if you promote a cam model that uses multiple cam services.  For instance,  a certain cam model I promote, uses, three cam sites.  From one single link I cam promote all three cam sites. This means that every time a link is clicked, one of three cam sites will pop up and random from the same model! 

If you don’t want to promote models and only want to promote the same site, then just label you links as such, and it will take you to the main MFC site.

You can also buy a domain and without a blog have it redirect to either a cam site (MYFREECAMS) or you can create a while label site like this: (Chaturbate)

How and where can I buy a domain name.

The services I use to buy domain names are, Google Domains and Namecheap.  Depending on the domain you buy, it will cost 10 to 12.99 per year.  Premium domains are very expensive but they depend on what domain you get.

I hope You found this post helpful.  I will be posting more in the following weeks. 

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