Cam Girls Discovery

It was late at night mid 2015 when I was scrolling through my personal twitter. I came across this beautiful blonde that was retweeted by an unknown follow. This beautiful girl caught my attention. I ventured into her twitter profile. She had some posts stating she was online. So I click on her link. It takes me to this site called myfreecams.

So I see this girl from twitter getting nude. And I was watching this for free! Her boobs were in my face and her body was on point! Her Australian accent was…WOW! Her name on the site was “Ashlee Adams

Ashlee Adams on MyFreeCams. Now retired as a cam girl. She is now a DJ and goes by the name DarthLux on Instagram and Twitter.

So I’m in her cam room and I hear this tone and in the chatroom is says someone is giving her “tokens”. My first thought was, “THIS GIRL IS GETTING MONEY TO STRIP THROUGH A WEBCAM?” I went from horny to PISSED in less than one minute.

How could I make this money?

I though to myself, how could these women be making money this easy and I have to work for mine 8 hours a day 5 days a week! And sometimes on overtime sacrificing my weekends.

So I began to look at all these cam girls’ twitter accounts. I was trying to figure out how I could profit off of this. I was still bitter that they could make money like this but I could not. I noticed something about their twitter profiles. Some of these girls had an amazon wishlist.

I am an amazon affiliate. I started looking at their wishlist with my amazon affiliate account. I would make an affiliate link from their amazon wishlist and I would promote it on twitter. But I didn’t use my personal twitter. I created a new twitter strictly for promoting cam girls and their wishlists.

Discovery of Cam Girl Affiliates.

I quickly discovered that I was walking on thin ice with Amazon. Amazon does not like porn being linked to their affiliate program. And even though I made some money from posting Cam girls Amazon wishlist links I had to quickly find another way. People actually buy these girls tons of stuff on those wishlists. I made money from gift card sales, clothing items and many more things that fans would buy them. I started searching on google for cam girl affiliates, myfreecams affialites. I discovered a company called CrakRevenue. They are the company that manages the MyFreeCams affiliate program. I quickly signed up.

Now that I had my promotion twitter well established I started taking out the wishlist link to save my Amazon affiliate account from getting banned. I started promoting MFC in general and individual cam girls with their cam room links in my promotional tweets. In the first month I wasn’t making any money and barely any hits. I questioned myself why I was even doing this? I would find MFC cam girls that had a twitter. I would get their photos and I would sent out a promo tweet to follow them and to visit the cam room for a free nude cam show. I started gaining followers on twitter. I started receiving hits. But no money.

The moment of truth.

I kept promoting. Every night I would invest a few hours before bed on putting out promo links. Over and over again. I even opened a few Tumblrs and still no money.

Then one evening, I saw my first conversion. I had made 15 dollars! Then I made 30 dollars that same evening! I was stoked! I felt like I won the lottery! I never thought this would bear any fruit. Consistency is key! and never giving up! From that point on I started promoting heavy and studying other promoters on twitter to see how everyone else was doing this. You see I was promoting the myfreecams rev share program. This meant I was getting 15% commission every time a customer I referred, bought tokens to tip the cam girls for the life of the customer. So this wasn’t a one time sale. This was a customer that could be a potential REPEAT customer! NOTE* as of this writting, the program now pays 20%!

Twitter retweet groups

As soon as I hit 10K followers on my own, I was being contacted by other big twitter accounts about joining a Retweet groups. What this is, it’s a Direct Message group of 10 or more promotion accounts sharing and retweeting each other’s tweets every 24 hours. This way you share your followers with their followers and your tweets gain a lot of views and clicks! And you also get TONS of followers. As of this writting, my twitter have 65K followers!

Learning and growth!

Fast forward to today 2019, I have multiple self hosted WordPress blogs and a few white label Cam sites. I learned other techniques that make my promotion a lot easier. I also found free programs for graphics for my promotions (Gimp) (PhotoscapeX). I also learned how to design my own logos. This isn’t just a money journey as an educational journey as an affiliate. I wouldn’t be here writing this had I not stuck with it. As of today, I am still learning and I will never stop learning and improving.

If you’re on the fence on getting started, you will always be on the outside looking in. Think about it, from 2015, to 2019, time has passed anyways. If I would of said, it takes so much time, it would be 2019 and I would not have anything done. It’s 2019 and I have a nice little monthly income that helps with the bills and some money goes to savings. Where will you be at 4 years from now? In my position making money? Or still in your position, on the fence looking in? Allow me to share this years (Jan-Feb 2019) earnings. Now, Im not rich by any means but every year my affiliates commissions increase! And I am NOT stoping!

On the fence….

Right now you’re on the fence looking in. Will you remain in the fence? Or will you climb over and join me in the fence looking out at the people looking in? It’s your choice! Time is still going to pass. But will you grow with it? Or will you keep stay the same? I also promote other cam sites!


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Shoutout to DarthLux

I know you don’t know me but had it not been for you getting my attention with your beauty, I would of never discovered this great money making potential! It was because of you I started this journey! I want to thank you!