How to create chaturbate affiliate links tutorial

Chaturbate affiliates:  Tutorial How it works.

Step 1:

Log into your Chaturbate affiliates account and click on affiliates at the bottom of the page.


Step 2: 


Once logged in and in the affiliates page, Click on Linking Codes.  What you want is to look for the REV-SHARE links.


Step 3:

Once in the links page, Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the 20% Rev-Share links.  

You will select: “Your chat room (even if offline).(yellow highlight)  You want this one because if the model is online it takes them to their live chat room.  If the model goes offline, it displays their profile.

The one bellow the highlight Your chat room (homepage if you’re offline) is almost the same except that if the model is offline it will not take them to their profile. It will take them to the homepage.

In my opinion, you want to send them to the live model you’re promoting or their profile page because if you are promoting a model you want to user to at least read about her and for them to know that this girl is real.  That you did not just post some generic girl.  You don’t want to lie to your potential customer. This turns them off.

(NOTE: For step 4 you want to modify this link in your text editor on your computer)

Step 4:  This is how you modify the link.


So you chose the link in the highlighted area: Your chat room (even if offline)

It should look like this:


What you will do is modify “default” and “yourchaturbatename

default will be your tracker. Just like the tutorial for MFC where default is where ever you are tracking you link.  Twitter, facebook, youtube, tumblr Etc.

yourchaturbatename in your link you should see your own username. erase it. So that it looks like this:

Step 5:

Now we will pick a model we want to promote.  Now go to the chatrubate homeapge and pick the model you want to promote.  We will pick: kati3kat and we will promote her on twitter this is how we do it.

Click on her room and get her exact room name.




Your links should now look like this:


If you really want to get more detailed and want to know which exact tweet got you a registration then instead of this:




Then do this:



So that now your link looks like this:


Now, not only will you know where your click came from but you will also know what tweet and what cam girl got you hits and conversions!

To be successful you must be able to track your clicks so that you can fix your strategies!

Now this links is ready to be promoted. It will take the user to the exact models cam room! And if they happen to log off, it will take them to their profile! EASY!

You can plug in ANY models name here, male, female, transsexual or couples room.

Now let’s look at the other links in the Rev_Share box:

Everything in the highlighted area are all generic links.  It will take the user to a random room. If you pick the females link it will take the user to a random females room.  If you pick the Couples link, it will take the user to the random couples link.  The only thing you need to modify in theses is the default.


You can change default to anything you like or you can leave it default.  Same rules apply. Since it’s tracker, change it to whatever you want to track either twitter, facebook ect.  That’s it!

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