One thing that always stopped me from creating a white label for CB was the fact that there are no instructions on how to do it.  Sure, there are some tutorial that tell  you how to forward the domain and others teach  you how to do a messy default CB sub domain. 

OR this:

you want something clean like this:
and this way for the most part, people that don’t know what CB is will always think your page is it’s own independent camgirl website!  How great is that?  So now let’s get started with this tutorial.
The service I used is Google doamains. 
Go to google domains and click on manage my domains.
Step 2.
Click on “Search Domains”
Step 3.
In this example I chose “” and click the search button.  We are doing a search to see if this domain is available.  Remember NO ONE OWNS A DOMAIN UNLESS THEY REGISTER IT.  If it’s available it is your to use how you want to use it.
As we can see, this domain is available for ONLY 12 US dollars a year,  Keep in mind that if you choose a domain name that is very mainstream you could spend upwards of 1000 bucks to own the domain.
So now that you found the domain you want, purchase it! This should be self explanatory and I wont go into the purchase process.  If you can’t figure out how to buy it perhaps you should not own it.  If I go into explain how to buy it, this tutorial will go on forever.
NOTE:  Once you purchase it make sure you chose the PRIVATE. So that if someone does a whois search they cannot see your contact information.  I cannot show you what this looks like or I would have to purchase this domain just to show you how.  But READ everything slowly and carefully.
Step 5. 
Once you purchase your domain, you will see this in “Manage my domains”
The red circle on the left would be where your domain resides and the red circle on the right where it says DNS is where you will change settings to work with your while label.
Now let’s go to Chaturbate for a minute and set this up
Step 6.
now you’re going to go back to CB.  Go to your affilialtes page.  Click on “WHITE LABEL” and then click on “ADD NEW WHITELABEL”
Step 7
I’m only going to explain the set up of the white label, not the customization part. Exept for a page to help you with your logo because you cannot save these settings until you upload a logo.
My suggestion is that on the “Chaturbate alias” “Sitename” you use the same name as your .com in this case it’s myhotgirldomain.
a. So now if you were to go to it will take you to your white label.
and also remember this:
(we need these two things for the DNS at google domains)
In the Domain name, you will put the domain name you just purchased. In this case it’s
Featured Gender: Girl
Logo: (go here to create one, save it to your desktop and upload) remember it wont save your setting until you chose a logo to save. And you must upload the logo everytime you make a change. SO DON’T DELETE YOUR LOGO FROM YOUR COMPUTER. 
Title: whatever you want to put
Tagline: Whatever you want to put
Step 8.
So we go back to Google Domains, and if you look up Step 5, you see that you need to click on DNS.
it will take you here:

Scroll to the bottom of the DNS setting to “Custom Resource Records”

you need to add these settings for your white label to work on

Right next to the “ADD” button you will type in and then “ADD” button.

Next, in the @ box you will type in from step 7a. in the type box you will change from “A” to “CNAME.” and in the next box, you will type in “”

It should look like you see in the graphic.  Remember myhotgirldomain is just an example this will be YOUR own custom domain YOU purchased.

Once you complete this step, you should be able to go to your and it should be your white label.

Now your affiliate links will be clean! 

They will look like this: (This is my domain name white label)

and NOT like this:

This is why I will state again, which domain would YOU click on?  And which domain do you think people would remember to type in manually to reach YOUR affiliate link?


I will be adding a tutorial soon to add HTTPS to your white label.

Example of white label Chaturbate

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