In todays post I will talk about our favorite affiliate program! CrakRevenue!  What makes this program so special?  The fact that one single affiliate program has so many adult offers to choose from!

Almost every adult niche is left untouched by this affiliate company!  If you want to promote cams, they have them.  If you want to promote adult dating, they have those too!  But don’t wait to hear it from us! Come check it out yourself now!

I have been promoting with CrakRevenue for about 4 years.  In that time I have learned a lot about the adult industry.  It made me realize how popular cam sites are!  This is what I promote the most.  Now, Im not going to say I am rich.  But I do make a good income monthly.  Some of the most popular cam sites are right here on CrakRevenue!


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These are my stats for the month of August 2018!  And this is not my highest month!  I made this money while doing other things. The money rolls in on it’s own after working hard promoting my affiliate links!

Think about the money you will be making promoting a service that pleases many people for years to come!  Most guys that get into cams will fall in love with their favorite cam girl and will spend money every day buying tokens.  And every time they make a purchase, you get a nice commission!


CrakRevenue has a lot of affiliate programs you can choose from.  And their staff are always willing to help.  If you have skype, you affiliate manager will contact you from time to time to check up on you!  They will answer questions and will give you tips.  They will also let you know about new offers or pay bumps!


Remember you are NOT limited to cams! This program has so many different programs! Dating! Penis Pills, Cryptocurrency, Latinas, XXX movie rentals, Gay!  Whatever you want to promote, it’s here!

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There is no reason why you should not sign up!  The program does not cost a thing! In fact, it’s costing you money NOT to sign up! Why?  because every day that passes someone else is making a commission you could be making!